Logo Design Process Kit

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Streamline Your Logo Design Process

As a logo designer, you know the importance of a smooth creative process. But it's easy to dive headfirst into the design phase, only to realise that you've missed crucial steps along the way. This can lead to confusion, frustration, and a hit to your confidence.

I've been there, and that's why I created this Notion dashboard to help me streamline my logo design process. While you don't need a dashboard, having a system to help you track your process and maintain clarity can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that an undefined process creates.

With this process kit, you'll be able to:

Guide clients through your clear, efficient process.
Stay on track with step-by-step checkboxes.
Store client info, project research, questionnaires, and notes all in one place.

The Process Tracker°

The Process Tracker is the core system of the process kit. It’s essentially a Notion database that uses a step-by-step template containing everything you might need while navigating through your process. It includes:

  • Brief Questionnaire Template. Get better briefs and ask the right questions from the beginning, ensuring your logo design process goes smoothly and you produce quality and meaningful designs.
  • File Formats Guide (InDesign Template). When delivering your final logo package, include this document to explain to your client what each file type is and how to use it.

Plus much more... watch my video walkthrough to get an overview of what's included, and how you can customise the template to match your logo design process and preferences.

Icon of hand waving, to represent 'made for brand designers new to the game'

Made for brand designers new to the game

Get a jump start in your logo design career. From initial brief to delivery, this step-by-step kit gives you everything you need to navigate the logo design process from start to finish.

Icon of hand pointing up, to represent 'good for experienced designers keen to upskill'

Good for experienced designers keen to upskill

If your logo design process is unclear, use this kit to clarify each step, streamline your process, and inject more quality and meaning into your designs.

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Perfect for design studios and freelancers

Using a more definitive logo design process in your business will save you time, reduce stress, and ensure you consistently deliver high quality logos your clients love.

Liv Strawbridge

Kia ora, I’m Liv – a brand designer from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Consider me your guide on the side, here to help you navigate your logo design process so you can become a more confident designer.
Your Guide on the side

This is the kit I wish I had when I was first starting out as a logo designer

After more than a decade of working in design studios, I've observed the confusion and stress that can arise during the logo creation process, causing difficulties for both designers and clients. To address this issue, I've developed a process kit that streamlines the logo creation process, eliminating stress and promoting efficiency.

With a well-defined system in place, you'll be better equipped to handle anything that happens during your logo design process. A successful process takes years of experience and continuous refinement – as you grow and evolve as a designer, your process should too.

By investing in this kit, you'll be on the right track to navigating your logo design process with more clarity and confidence.

What isn't covered in the Logo Design Process Kit?

This kit focuses on the logo design process, not technical instructions on design programs or pre-engagement stages like pitching, creating proposals, and pricing services.

How do I get the Notion dashboard?

After purchasing the kit, you'll receive a link to my Notion template. Follow the instructions to duplicate the dashboard into your own Notion account.

What if I haven't used Notion before?

No worries! Notion is user-friendly, and my video tutorial and resources will help you get started.

How much does Notion cost?

$0. Notion is free to use with this Logo Design Process Kit.

Do you do refunds?

Due to the nature of this digital product, I don't offer refunds or exchanges, and all sales are final. Thank you for understanding.

I have another question!

Sure, just flick me an email and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Create Logos with Confidence

Learn the 9-step method to confidently navigating the process of designing meaningful logos. A complete step-by-step PDF guide for brand designers.

Obviously the complete 'Logo Design Process Kit' will help you develop your process much quicker, but the PDF guide by itself will give you a clear understanding of the process and methodologies behind it, and provide insights and ideas that will completely level-up your logo design process.

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"I  really loved reading your logo design process guide. It was so helpful to compare my steps to what other designers are doing and get new ideas and tips to improve my own process. I also liked the time limit set for each step as a guide."

– Sayaka Miyashita, Brand Designer, Australia

"Thank you! I'm currently studying graphic design at university, and I'm in my second year. I'm planning to start doing freelance assignments alongside school, but I'm having a hard time getting started. Therefore, this guide helped me a lot!

– Nils Bergqvist, Design Student, Sweden