I'm here to help navigate your journey as a designer

Hi, I'm Liv, and I’ve been a designer for 15+ years. Most of my career so far had been spent working for design studios – creating logos, brand identities, putting together advertising and marketing collateral, and building websites.

I enjoy the creative process; finding ways to visually solve design problems. As a result of many years experience as a designer, I’ve developed my own approach to how I design logos and brands.

Despite being in an industry that more often than not has a 'keep your cards close to your chest' attitude, I believe that by discussing process and being open about the way we do things (or fail trying to do things), we all benefit.

I want to share what I've learnt (and are still learning) to guide you in your journey and help you become a better designer. There isn’t just one way to do things, so it’s my hope that I inspire you to improve your own creative process and become more confident in your design practice.

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