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Do nothing

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
September 14, 2022
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Prompt #1

Do nothing

A study by Nancy C. Andreasen into creativity and the unconscious found that when your brain is doing nothing, it defaults to creativity and is actively connecting thoughts and experiences.

So when ideas come to you in the shower, or on a walk, this is why.

Author Neil Gaiman uses this knowledge to help him get unstuck by either strictly doing nothing, or writing.

Next time you get creative block or get stuck while designing, make yourself do nothing and see what happens!

Prompt #2

Clean up after

“Worrying about 8 pixel grids or auto layouts in the middle of a creative process is like cleaning up during a house party. It doesn’t work. Be creative – clean up after.”

Fons Mans, Dutch Designer

Prompt #3

Try the 1 minute rule

When people ask author Gretchin Rubin for happiness rules or tips, she recommends her 1 minute rule:

“Do any task that can be finished in one minute.”

You might find this gives you more time for bigger tasks, clear your mind from clutter and give you more focus.

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