Quick Confidence

Newsletter Issue #
February 1, 2023
Prompt #1

Do what you can’t

Lack of confidence can keep us from taking that chance on a good opportunity, or asking for help on a project we believe is destined to fail.

If you’ve been holding back, here’s a message from Casey Neistat...
– Just do what you can’t.

Prompt #2

Start a daily challenge

By completing quick design challenges, you’ll gain confidence and feel success, which will encourage you to continue and further boost your confidence.

Namika Hamasaki set herself a challenge to create a background pattern in Figma everyday to push her creativity.

See Namika's process and how she gets inspired.

What’s a quick design challenge (15 – 30 min) you could do every day for the next 7 days?

Prompt #3

Are your logo designs versatile?

When designing a logo, always look at it's versatility and how it will be applied to different media. For example, how it will look if:

  • It’s embroidered to clothing (is it simple enough?)
  • It’s printed small (will the text be legible?)
  • There’s no colour (will it work in black and white?)
  • It’s placed in an awkward space (horizontal and vertical options?)
  • A sub-brand is applied in the future (is there space?)

Thinking about these things while designing will ensure your logo designs are versatile and will last for years to come.