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Find the joy

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
May 10, 2023
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Prompt #1

Find the joy

I recently came across a logo that brought a smile to my face. It belongs to a company called 'Positive Electrical', you can see the logo here.

Although I don't know the brief of the logo, its message is clear: the electrical company is all about making positive connections and bringing happiness to their clients. The logo's happy face icon and two positive connections really stood out to me and left a lasting (positive) impression. By finding the meaning and portraying the business effectively at the same time, the designer of this logo really hit the mark.

Have you ever designed or come across a logo that has brought you an extra bit of joy? Just hit reply and let me know, I'd love to hear about it.

Prompt #2

Remember to doodle

Did you know doodling is good for your brain? Even though society often views doodling as a 'mindless activity', research has shown that it can increase brain power and improve your ability to concentrate and solve problems.

In her TED Talk, author and speaker Sunni Brown shares how doodling can help us enter a state of deep concentration, shut off distractions, and generate creative ideas.

So next time you're stuck, remember to doodle. It could be just the thing you need to break through and find your inspiration.

Watch Sunni Brown’s 5 Min Ted Talk: ‘Doodlers, Unite!’

Prompt #3

Deep design with Team Dynamite

In QC #3 I shared with you an artist I’d been listening to whenever I needed to get into deep design work. In the spirit of Aotearoa NZ Music Month, here’s an album that I’ve had on blast lately: Respect The Process by Team Dynamite. Favourite track: Dragon Fruit.

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