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Get lost

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
September 27, 2023
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Prompt #1

Get lost

"If we don't get lost we'll never find a new route." – Joan Littlewood

Joan Littlewood was a renowned theatre director known for her innovative and influential work. She founded the Theatre Workshop, a British theatre company that aimed to bring theatre to the working class and challenge traditional conventions. Her quote is a great reminder to step outside of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to be open to what we might find along the way – because sometimes the best adventures come from getting lost on purpose.

Prompt #2

How to be more confident in client meetings

If you get really nervous when meeting with your clients, here's four tips to help you prepare for client meetings and approach them with more confidence:

  1. Know your pricing options. I make sure I’m prepared with my pricing packages at hand in case if a potential client asks about costs during a meeting. In fact, I'll often send a PDF of my pricing packages on first enquiry. This eliminates the need for a meeting and any potential awkwardness if they find my services unaffordable.
  2. Get organised with a meeting agenda. If I know there’s multiple topics to talk about in a meeting, I’ll type up an agenda and email it to my client ahead of time. This informs my client about what to expect, and helps to keep the meeting on track.
  3. Remember, you are the expert. Our clients seek our help for a reason. As professional designers, we have the expertise and skills that can enhance a brand's professionalism. Keep in mind the value you bring to your clients – they need you because of this – they wouldn't have come to you otherwise!
  4. Celebrate the 'no's'. When a client says no, accept it wasn’t meant to be. There could be various reasons for their decision - budget, timing, or simply not feeling like the right fit. Whatever the reason, celebrate the no and remember it’s their loss. Now, you have more space for a client who is a much better fit.
Prompt #3

New tool: Colour Contrast Checker

Considering accessibility when choosing brand colours is important for inclusive and user-friendly design. By doing so, you can improve the readability of your content for all users, including those with visual impairments or colour vision issues.

To make sure the colours you choose meet accessibility standards, it's important to check their contrast. To do this, you need to check the difference between the foreground and background colours to ensure they have enough visual distinction.

Alex Clapperton has created a free website called Colour Contrast Checker where you can do this. Just type in your hex codes and adjust the values until they pass.

>> See how it works in my Instagram Reel <<

I’ve also added this to my toolkit under a new category called ‘Colour’.

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