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Let it go

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
July 5, 2023
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Prompt #1

Let it go

"You can clear out whatever obstacles are preventing you from living your most creative life, with the simple understanding that whatever is bad for you is probably also bad for your work." – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

You’ve probably noticed how your skills as a designer develop over time. For example, every time you design a logo, you change or improve something in your process and get better and better.

What if you apply the same approach to how you view yourself and live your life? If there’s something in your life that isn’t benefiting you as a person, let it go and see how your work improves as well.

PS. I highly recommend ‘Big Magic’, it’s full of inspiration and insights.

Prompt #2

How I use Markup to get client feedback

MarkUp is a free tool I use in my web design process for getting feedback from clients. Because of MarkUp, I don't get long emails full of changes, and it removes ambiguity; no more trying to figure out what part a client is talking about. My clients find it easy to use too, so it’s a win win!

Here’s how I mainly use MarkUp:

  • For getting feedback on initial designs. Once I’ve designed the layout for the website in XD, I export the pages and upload them to MarkUp. Then I send my client the link and they go through each page and ‘mark up’ their comments.
  • For getting changes on websites. After I’ve finished building a client’s website, I’ll send them a link to the staging site to comment on any final changes before going live. They can save this link and make comments in the future when they have updates.

As well as websites, MarkUp supports over 30 different file types, including PDFS, images, and videos.

This isn’t an ad – just a super helpful tool I use in my process.

Check out MarkUp

Prompt #3

Design in circles

Although the concept of a deconstructing a logo consisting of circles feels pretty cliché, this reels video from click.savvy demonstrates how much you can make by just using circles in three modes; addition, subtraction and intersection.

View circles reel

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