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Don’t ‘should’ yourself

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
September 28, 2022
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Prompt #1

Don't should yourself

‘Should’s' are other people’s expectations and standards, and feel heavy because they come with obligation. The only standards that matter are those you create for yourself.

When we’re doing things we ‘should’, we remove the idea of choice. Is there a ‘should’ you’re doing in your design work, that doesn’t align with your values?

Prompt #2 is a good example of this…

Prompt #2

'Why I don’t call myself a designer'

Christine Yang believes labelling yourself can be restrictive and inadvertently hold yourself back.

Have you ever self-handicapped yourself by sticking to your [insert design specialty here] bubble? Thought you wouldn’t be as good if you ventured out?”

Read why labels do Christine more harm than good

Prompt #3

A new typeface source for your next logo design project

Tropical Type from Byron Bay make ‘Fast Fonts’ (single weight display typefaces) that range from $14 – $30. They’re modern and beautiful, and made specifically for solo designers and small studios.

You may recognise their font Sunflora – it’s the typeface used in the Peppermint Mag Logo.

Also, they’re funny.

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