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Doubt your ideas

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
October 5, 2022
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Prompt #1

Doubt your ideas

You would think that doubting your ideas would be inhibitive to your creative process. But great ideas often stem from insecurity; at first by doubting them, then by interrogating them further – and in that process, allowing other ideas to grow.

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Prompt #2

How to find your style and get unstuck

Designer and Illustrator Viviane Valenta is known for turning characters from famous paintings into cats. In an interview with Sketch, she outlines how she found her style:

“…in reality it’s something that often develops over time. Patience and practice are the names of the game and as long as you stick with it and get to love the process, your style will come to you naturally. I also found it important to look outwards — so talk to other artists and try out different tools and art styles. Always pick the parts you most like and stay humble. If you feel stuck, you have three options: take a break, try something you’re not familiar with, or do some easy comfort drawing.”

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Prompt #3

New workflow tool: Calendly

I’ve recently added Calendly to my Designers Toolkit, to reduce the hassle of back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time for client meetings.

Here’s how I’ve set my Calendly up:

  • I limit meetings to one day a week (Tuesday) so my other days are more productive.
  • I limit meeting times to 30 minutes, and when someone books a meeting I’ve set Calendly up to automatically block 15 minutes of time before and after the meeting for internal briefing/debriefing.
  • I have 4 location options my clients can choose from: Zoom, Google Meet, Phone Call or ‘Somewhere Else’ (where the client can type in a physical location).
  • I have my booking link set on my email signature

Check out Calendly

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