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Turn it upside down

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
October 26, 2022
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Prompt #1

Turn it upside down

Before finalising your logo design, consider how it will appear from all possible perspectives.

What will it look like when it’s printed on a brochure and sitting on a coffee table?

It might look good the right way up – but what about upside down?

Prompt #2

Consistency always beats intensity

Becoming the designer you want to be means putting in consistent work. If you’re always in an intense hustle mode, you’ll burnout.

“In the short-term you are as good as your intensity. In the long-term you are as good as your consistency.”

– Shane Parish

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Prompt #3

Never use pure black in Typography

As designers we need to ensure that the contrast between the text and background colours in our designs are readable and easy on the user's eyes.

Jufry Heryanta makes a good point about using dark grey instead of pure black in typography to reduce eye strain, which ultimately improves conversion rates due to the fact that users spend more time reading the content.

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