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Keep asking questions

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
November 9, 2022
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Prompt #1

Keep asking questions

It doesn't matter what stage of our career we're at, we all get stuck in a rut and feel like we're not improving as designers.

You'll improve if you are inquisitive, and most importantly keep asking questions.

This can apply to both your design processes and your core skills.

As an example, these are the questions I’m asking myself at the moment...

Process: How can I incorporate Notion into my logo design/client onboarding process?

Skills: Is 'Client-First' the best naming system to learn for building Webflow websites?

Prompt #2

How to self-regulate

The design process is an emotional roller coaster ride... getting client feedback, last minute requests, procrastination, anxious about presentations...

These situations can create emotions that feel like they take over, and you have no control over them.

@nicolesneuroscience has shared some empowering things you can do to help yourself, all the while explaining what it does in your body.

  • Low self worth: Write down your strengths, this engages logical thinking which overrides lymbic system
  • Low motivation: Focus on one spot on your screen for 1 min to release noradrenaline (pupillary convergence increases focus)
  • Impulsive/angry: dilate your gaze (look outside the window) to blunt noradrenaline release so you can think clearly
  • Anxious: walk for amygdala deactivation

Read the full post here or find Nic on instagram for more neuroscience tips.

Prompt #3

Document your logo design process

Take photos (or screenshots) of each step in your logo design process.

Having work-in-progress shots are great for sharing your thought processes with your clients.

And as a bonus, if you ever write a case study or create a portfolio piece that includes your process, you’ll have them on-hand to share too.

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