Quick Confidence

Newsletter Issue #
December 7, 2022
Prompt #1

Raise your standards

Raising your standards as a designer will impact how you learn, work, and approach design – and life – in general. By raising your standards, you’ll be making a conscious decision every day to be better.

Start raising your standards today by:

  • Listing all the things you no longer accept
  • Listing all the aspirations you have.
Prompt #2

The tools don’t matter

In his article ‘When did our tools become our religion?' Tobias reminds us to try not let our tools get in the way of being a designer. He believes we’re making it harder for new designers to get into the design industry by overcomplicating our practice and focusing on what tools we should be using, rather than just using the ones that work for us individually.

“If you work on your own, pick the tool that works best for you. If you work in a team, pick the tool that works best for the team. Most importantly: Don't let your productivity, dreams or aspirations as a designer get influenced by the software you use. They're only a tiny part of your job… Use your tools, but don't let your tools use you.”

– Tobias van Schneider

Prompt #3

How much is the most you’ve been able to charge for a logo?

Take a look at Chris Do’s Twitter debate on how much people charge for a logo.

I found the comments very insightful. The price ranges are insane!

It may change your entire perspective…

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