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Slow down

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
December 6, 2023
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Prompt #1

Slow down

"You will never have this version of yourself again, let yourself slow down and be with her." – Rupi Kaur

It's easy to get caught up in constantly looking ahead, striving for growth and progress, and forgetting to appreciate where you are in your journey, right here and now.

So take a moment to slow down and appreciate the designer you are today, because as Rupi says, you will never be this version of yourself again.

Prompt #2

Build forms quickly with Tally

Tally is the quickest and easiest online form builder I’ve used. It's similar to Notion, where you just start typing to insert the blocks you need.

What I love about Tally:

  • 99% of Tally's features are available for free and without limits, including features such as collecting payments, conditional logic and calculators.
  • Tally is privacy-focused, and doesn’t use cookie-tracking.
  • You can customise the form colours to match your branding.

Check out tally.so

In my previous issue I shared my quick questionnaire, ‘How do you deliver your final logo packages’, which I created using Tally. I’ll be sharing the results anonymously, and if you want to participate there’s still time to fill it out here.

Prompt #3

Archive of Branding Style Guides

Branding Style Guides is an archive of over 2,000 real-life examples of style guide documents that you can download for free.

Looking at how brands apply their logos and assets in real-world scenarios is such a great way to learn and be inspired when creating your own client brand style guides.

Visit brandingstyleguides.com

I’ve added it to my toolkit so you can find it later when you need it.

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