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Use the snooze

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
July 12, 2023
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Prompt #1

Use the snooze

When you're stuck on a design problem, a good way to get unstuck is to find a state of mind that's more relaxed and open to new ideas; by defocusing your mind, but still leaving enough space for your mind to find solutions.

One way to find this state of mind is in the morning when you're slowly waking up from deep sleep. When your alarm goes off, you’ll most likely be in a half-conscious state between waking and dreaming. Try hitting the snooze button and use this half-dreaming state to think about your problem.

With practice, you’ll have fresh ideas before your day even begins – and they may even help to motivate you get out of bed, as they often do for me!

Prompt #2

Fontshare – quality typography for everyone

Fontshare is a website I've recently come across that aims to make high-quality typography accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or resources.

It's by Indian Type Foundry (ITF), and they find top-notch open-source fonts, fix any bugs, and then publish them on Fontshare. Every font goes through a quality selection process to make sure they're sharing free fonts of the highest standard.

And, their beautifully designed website makes browsing through fonts just that extra bit of fun!

Check out Fontshare

Prompt #3

Imposter syndrome is modern-day bicycle face

How do you overcome imposter syndrome? This is something Reshma Saujani (founder of ‘Girls Who Code’) gets asked all the time. Her answer? Well, she’s done answering that question, because she says imposter syndrome isn’t a syndrome at all — it’s a scheme. And after watching her speech at Smith’s College this year, I agree with her.

In her speech, Reshma explains that ‘bicycle face’ was a term that was invented to stop women from cycling. It was all part of a scheme to keep women in their place, and to stop them from doing something that was considered to be outside of their designated role in society. She argues that imposter syndrome is the same kind of scheme, designed to keep certain people in their place and stop them from achieving their full potential.

It’s a thought-provoking speech and definately worth a watch.

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