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Use your limits

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
July 26, 2023
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Prompt #1

Use your limits

Setting limits seems like it would be counterintuitive to creativity, but it can actually help generate more ideas. By giving yourself constraints, you're forced to think outside the box and find ways to work within them.

Here are some ideas for setting limits in your logo design process (or your design work in general):

  • Limit the number of colours you use to be more strategic with your choices.
  • Restrict the number of fonts you have to select from.
  • Set some conceptual boundaries, such as using only geometric shapes.
  • Try limiting yourself to specific tools or techniques.
  • Set a specific time limit for each stage to maintain focus and avoid overthinking.

Creative limits aren't meant to stifle your creativity, they will just help you focus your energy so you end up designing something great.

Prompt #2

KernType: Improve your letter spacing

An important skill for designing logos is kerning – making sure you space your letters just right. Although it takes practice, this is a skill that becomes more natural over time.

Try playing KernType, a game created by Mark MacKay. It's free and actually quite fun. Give it a shot and see how you do!

Practice letter spacing

Prompt #3

Sticking to your path

"You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures." – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

If you're having a hard time this week, perhaps due to difficult or demanding clients, try to remember although it's uncomfortable, it'll help you grow. These times test your strength and commitment, but sticking to your path is something you will be able to look back at and be proud of.
Just... keep... going... :).

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