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Waste your time

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
June 7, 2023
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Prompt #1

Waste time

In last week’s issue I talked about guarding your time. This week I want to talk from the other end of the spectrum – wasting your time, and how it can be a good thing.

I often find myself feeling guilty whenever I work on things that don't directly align with my immediate goals. But last week I was inspired to download Procreate on my iPad and have a play after watching my tattooist friend use it. I did it for fun, not for a client project.

But then I realised that I could explore using my iPad in my logo design process. So something that I initially did for fun, now has the potential to serve me in the future.

What’s something you could do for fun and waste time on?

Prompt #2

The Logo Package

I’ve added a new tool to my Designer’s Toolkit: the Logo Package.

I recently invested in this tool, and it’s been saving me a ton of time when ‘dispatching’ final logo packages to my clients.

It’s an Adobe Illustrator plugin that exports full logo packages, including colour modes and various file types for print and web, in under 5 minutes. A great new recent update includes an online portal that helps your client confidently find the right logo file to use.

The creator of this tool (Michael) has given me the code dguide20 to share with you – use it at the checkout to get $20 off.

Learn more about the Logo Package (affiliate link)

Prompt #3

Mux: rebranding during a recession

“Brands are like sharks. If they stop moving, they die” – Linda Eliasen

I love a rebrand story. The ones I usually read are from the perspective and experience of the brand designer. This one is from Linda Eliasen, VP of Brand Design at Mux, and is about the rebranding of Mux from an inside perspective. In this story you’ll learn:

  • Why it was time to rebrand at Mux and what that meant for them
  • How they used their narrative to create their ‘brand idea’ which informed everything else they did
  • How their logo was updated based on a gut feeling
  • The process for working with a brand design agency to develop their ‘whole vibe’ by marrying two concepts into one

Despite feeling nervous and a bit scared, they made took on this rebranding process during a recession, knowing that investing in their brand was a journey that was worth it.

Mux’s rebrand story

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