Step 9: Debrief

You don’t need this step in order to deliver a logo. 

But a debrief will give you valuable insights into how you’ve done, and where you should develop your skills. 

Do an internal debrief with yourself and an external debrief with the client.  

Internal debrief

Take time to reflect on the process. This could be an hour, a day or a week. Just make sure to do it while it’s fresh in your mind so the finer details don’t get too hazy. 

First, look at how you handled the entire process. Look back over your notes, drawings, designs and revisions, and ask yourself:

  • Which steps did I do well in?
  • Which steps do I need to work on?
  • Where did I tangent the most?
  • What part of the process did I find the hardest?

Next, look at the quality of work produced. Ask yourself:

  • How well did my concept align with the brief?
  • Were there other ways I could have expanded on my ideas?
  • What areas of my digitising/vector skills need improvement? 

By answering these questions you’ll be able to identify which steps need extra attention and where you need to focus your practice.

Level-up your skills in these areas. Take time to watch online tutorials, and ask a designer friend or colleague for any tips or tricks to help you improve.

External debrief

Find out how your client found the process. This will give you insight into what is working well, and how you can make things better.

You could ask them:

  • How did you find working with me through this process?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • Any suggestions that could make my process better?

You can then use their words as a testimonial (with their permission), in your portfolio and on your website.

You’re more than your work

Being objective and critiquing yourself is hard, but important for improving your quality of work. Give yourself a break, and strive to be better.