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Confidently navigate the creative process of designing logos

In this free guide I teach my 9-step method to navigating the creative process of designing logos, so you can create better logos with more clarity and confidence.

Ever wonder how so many great designers create great logos? You probably aren't getting the best out of your creative process.

If your logo design process is unclear, this guide will help you to clarify each step, streamline your process, and inject more quality and meaning into your designs.

Through using this step-by-step method in every project, you'll be able to successfully guide your clients through the creative process, and learn the methods to get back on track if you get lost or stuck in the process.

You'll become a better, more focused logo designer – ready to confidently present your ideas and create logos that consistently hit the mark.

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"I  really loved reading your logo design process guide. It was so helpful to compare my steps to what other designers are doing and get new ideas and tips to improve my own process. I also liked the time limit set for each step as a guide."

– Sayaka Miyashita, Brand Designer, Australia

"Thank you! I'm currently studying graphic design at university, and I'm in my second year. I'm planning to start doing freelance assignments alongside school, but I'm having a hard time getting started. Therefore, this guide helped me a lot!

– Nils Bergqvist, Design Student, Sweden