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Fail Joyfully

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Quick Confidence
With Liv Strawbridge
September 13, 2023
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Prompt #1

Fail joyfully

Recently my therapist shared a phrase that has stuck with me and really helped to adjust the way I think about failure: "Fail Joyfully."

Failing should be celebrated because it means you're getting closer to your goals than if you hadn't tried. Making mistakes is a normal, important part of your journey, and shows that you're growing.

So try, and fail with joy, and take what you learn along the way to inform your future actions. Remember that eventually, you will achieve your goals, and by failing joyfully, you'll enjoy the journey more, too!

Prompt #2


DoingCoolStuff is a website that showcases studios doing awesome design work. It began as a Google doc where a group of designers compiled links to their favorite studios, but has since evolved into a fully-fledged website.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out DoingCoolStuff.xyz. And if you want to add your own studio to the list, just reach out to them and they'll take a look!

Prompt #3

Say no, with no apologies

In issue #48 I shared tips on how to politely decline free design requests. But what if you need to say no altogether? This is a common struggle among designers, including myself. Recently, my fiancé (who knows all too well about my struggle), sent me this Instagram post from Molly Galbraith about a 'no' reply she received from Dr. Sue Kleiner:

"Thanks for thinking of me, but right now I’m going to decline. My plate is as full as I like."

In these two sentences, Dr. Kleiner doesn't make excuses, apologise, or give a long explanation as to why. Instead (as Molly points out), she normalises:

  • Setting work boundaries
  • Caring for herself
  • Protecting her time
  • Not exhausting herself

It's such a great response and something I aspire to. Save these two sentences for the next time you need to confidently and firmly say no, with no apologies.

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